SUS316 0.3mm dia. 50mm deep

Aspect ratio 170

Piercing the hair

  • Successfully drilled 0.05 mm L=1.0 mm in human hair
  • Research on painless needles to make needles out of hair

Joint research with Professor Yoshida, Toyo University

Features of Lathe-Type Micro Hole Drilling Machine

  • Lathe type to machine a micro deep hole at the center of the shaft.
  • Coaxiality, straightness and chip elimination

SUS304 φ0.03 t=0.2

Drill diameter 0.03mm, wavelength 0.6

Processing conditions
Torque limit 0.05
Sub-torque limit 0.05
Thrust limit 10
Sub-thrust limit 10
Spindle motor speed (min-1) -1000
Drill motor speed (min-1) 3000
Feed speed (mm/min) 2
Processing data
Torque max. 0.02
Thrust max 7
The number of step back 0
Processing time (min) 5.8


Drill in use:
Mitsubishi Materials Kobe Tools
MSE0010SB φ0.1×1.2

Processing conditions
Sub-torque limit 0.12
Thrust limit 100
Sub-thrust limit 80
Spindle motor speed (min-1) 2000
Drill shaft motor speed (min-1) 3000
Processing depth 1
Feed speed (mm/min) 5
Processing data
Torque max. 0.12
Thrust max 40
The number of step back 0
Processing time (minutes) 3.8

Internal surface roughness

SK4 φ0.3 mm in depth 5 mm
RzDIN value 1.059μm

SUS304 φ0.3, depth 5mm
RzDIN value 1.841μm

Processing accuracy

SK4 φ50μm depth 0.35mm
Measured value: 50.179 µm