Results of High Precision Machining

In the field of machinery and equipment, we manufacture not only equipment parts such as R-shape machining, thin-wall machining, and special screws, but also jigs and inspection tools.

In the automotive and aerospace fields, we have processing record including F1 parts, motorcycle brake parts, throttle shafts, jigs and inspection tools in addition to valve parts.
We have received a good reputation for the finish of the tapered and seated surfaces.

We manufacture products in accordance with the customers' requirements while making proposals on cutting technology.

Grease application nozzle parts with small hole machining


With surface grinding, a surface pitch of ±0.001 mm is possible. Flatness varies depending on the shape and material, however, we can grind 0.002 mm for a 100 mm square of steel and 0.005 mm for a 200 mm square. (We are also capable of grinding materials such as aluminum, brass, and titanium.)


iron and steel non-ferrous
100 square flatness(mm) 0.002 0.005
200 square flatness(mm) 0.005 0.010

Honing and Lapping process

We process honing and lapping mostly by hand. For micro-finishing, R0.2 at the tip is precisely LP-finished. For internal diameter finishing, 12mm long pieces are lapped.

Fine-finishing process
Internal diameter finishing

Matching process

Example of matching a nut to a ground screw

A nut is mated to a threaded shaft and matched within 0.01mm of the backlash.

Small diameter machining

This small diameter machining sample has a 0.14mm diameter hole (tolerance +0, -0.01) on a 0.45h6 tip shaft machined with high precision. Various machining methods can be used depending on the material and hole diameter.

Micro EDM processing

A slit with a width of 0.1mm ±0.005mm is drilled into a 1mm diameter shaft by EDM with high precision.

Wire EDM processing

Blade shape processing

This is an example of wire EDM. It is quite difficult to achieve accuracy when the tip of the wire is as thin as 0.05mm or less.

3D Shape Processing

Our 5-axis control machining center can handle 3-dimensional processing.
We are equipped with a 3D CAD system, which enables us to process various materials with high accuracy by considering the best processing method, processing conditions and jigs.

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

DMG Mori Seiki NMV3000
φ350 x 300, 32 pallets, Number of tools: 121

Cylindrical grinding

Blade shape processing

As the cylindrical grinding process is an integrated process that includes blank machining, heat treatment, finishing, and surface treatment, we can provide a wide range of materials and shapes with high precision and optimum processing methods. This is an example of a spindle with a surface roughness of 0.4S and runout accuracy of 0.001 mm.

Grinding grind 0.4S
swinging 0.001

High precision processing products

Collet Chuck and Guide bush for Automatic Lathe

Collet Hand

Chuck Unit