Making good products with a beautiful mind Contributing to society through our profession

Management Policy

Facing the blessed environment of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, our company's motto is to contribute to society, protect the environment and prevent pollution by focusing on the following points

  1. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by always thinking and acting from the customers' perspective.
  2. We will comply with all relevant legal requirements and agreements with stakeholders.
  3. We will promote resource and energy conservation, strive to reduce greenhouse gas, and address climate change.
  4. We will strive to develop new technologies and products and provide products that reduce the environmental burden.
  5. We continuously improve our integrated management system to improve performance.

Social contribution

Our company motto is "Making good products with a beautiful heart and contributing to society through our work", and we actively participate in local activities through manufacturing. We also take part in the annual cleanup of Lake Suwa by the six municipalities of Suwa Lake.

Environmental Activities

We acquired ISO 14001 certification in 2002, and are striving to develop and manufacture products that reduce the environmental impact. In order to use limited resources effectively and to reduce the number of disposable chucks and chuck sleevs, we improved the recyclability, enabling regrinding and repairing collet chucks and chuck sleevs so that we can provide them to our customers again. Also, we are working on the elimination of hazardous substances and energy saving.

We will continue to make effective use of resources and promote recycling as much as possible, aiming to be an environmentally conscious company.

In addition, a power monitoring system called "demand controller" has been introduced, and when the power consumption is to exceed the target setting value, the management department notifies each department of the measures to be taken, such as temporarily turning off the air conditioner.