Pioneering and challenging new technologies

DAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturing company based on precision cutting technology since its establishment. With our advanced production equipment, we are specialized in highly reliable products of small-lot for research and development, prototyping. Our technology, based on our many years of experience and accumulated know-how are supported by many customers. We will continue to challenge and develop new technologies to further refine our solid basic technologies.

We have been certified for ISO 9001 from early on, and we are building quality assurance system of high level so that we provide our customers with high quality products. In 2002, we also acquired ISO 14001 certification and are working on eco-friendly "Monodzukuri (manufacturing)" by effectively using limited resources and eliminating harmful substances.

We all are united in our efforts to meet the needs of our customers.
We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

President  OGUCHI Yuji

Company Motto

Respect for human is the foundation of everything.

The spirit of respecting human beings is to set your mind to love people.
To truly love human beings would be to wish them to be a decent and fulfilled person.
To live happily, a person oneself must be loved and trusted by everyone by making efforts.
We, at DAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd., hope that each and every one of our employees will have the spirit of true respect for people. That is, we should educate, train and guide our employees to raise them to be people who are respected, contributed, beloved, trusted and committed to their work.
As a subordinate worker, we should try to make our superiors feel at ease and satisfied, which means obeying orders, reporting, receiving guidance and consulting with them.
With these actions we are sure to create warm relationships with our employees and create a happy, joyful and enthusiastic workplace.
This is a natural responsibility, and practicing these also creates authority.
Therefore, the exercise of authority accompanies executing duty.

Aspire to improve your dignity and build happiness into your daily life.

Dignity is the basis of humanity and character.
Happiness is based on dignity, and the accumulation of daily life is a training ground for developing it.

We produce good products with good mind and contribute to society through our work.

A good mind is to loves human beings.
It is our natural duty to contribure to society as we live and work in the benefit of society.

We are convinced that by adhering and implementing the above-mentioned mottoes of the company there occurs our company's untimely prosperity and the happiness of each and every one of our employees to be build.